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Ukraine Mural

Ukraine Mural

On a trip several years ago to help a ministry in Kiev Ukraine I was put in charge of this mural project. The artwork was originally done an artist there as a small piece. My job was to transfer the work to this large wall..(over 8' high and probably 30-40' long) My normal method of transfering murals didn't work so it was done by the older type method. Several students, staff and others helped paint when they had time. The person in charge of me mixed the paints for me as paint in other parts of the world are not the same as what I was familiar with. Lots of fun...and it brightened up an area of the city. I was honored to be part of this project.

108" H x 400" W

* Although I try my best to capture the original art, photography of this form of art on a web site does not show the texture and feeling of the piece. If you're interested in a close up view, you can use the contact page to request more photos from various angles.

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