Wait for it-We haven’t missed it yet!

Mark Twain said, “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds

 of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” 


I googled the phrase “if you don’t like the weather….” to see if it was only an Ohio statement. And do you know that it’s not… It’s not even just a Great Lakes area phrase. People in Oklahoma, Texas, Washington State, the area of New England and more say it too…And even people in Melbourne Australia!

I like winter, but once I flip the calendar to March, I look forward to spring. I love it when we see hints that winter will end. This year we were teased a bit with some wonderfully warm days. The daffodils came out and were blooming when they were crushed by a heavy snowfall in April. Some years my daffodils are blooming and but they fade quickly because of unseasonably high temperatures. You just never know. I’ve been trying to walk more and get outside no matter what the weather. It’s enjoyable to have the sun warming you, especially after walking in weather that is gray, damp and cold. The other day I was out walking. It was one of our nice days and I was thinking about how the weather reminds me about life. We have ups and downs-there are good days and there are those damp ones, even in the midst of a time of growth.

But Spring will come-even when it seems to be taking longer than we think it should. The flowers will bloom, the trees will bud and the woods will turn a fluorescent green, new birth will happen, the tadpoles will turn into frogs, and the eggs in the nests will hatch. Out of that long wait- winter, the delayed spring, new growth and beauty will emerge.

I have been mindfully trying to train my eye to see beauty in all types of weather, from the dark gray days which challenge me to the beautiful blue sky days.  Some days it is hard for me to see that but I find if I look with a different mindset I can find it.  And I have learned that I appreciate the sunny days more when there are some dark ones in between.

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” Hal Borland

Painting news: I’ve been given the opportunity to speak with middle school students about art and how I got involved in painting and some of what I do! If you know me-you know this is another opportunity to grow. Also, I have new paintings that I’ve been working on and many of them will be in upcoming shows. More information on that to come.

distant rain  Fiery Flowers

19 thoughts on “Wait for it-We haven’t missed it yet!”

  1. Julie you are turning into a Artist of words as well as Painting. It is great you can see Gods hand even in the Gray Days. Let us know when you are speaking at school so we can Pray. 😍😍

  2. My girl

    Those two paintings are just outstanding what color and what beauty. You are truly beautiful inside & outside.

    1. Beautifully written, Julie! Your lastest post encouraged my heart this morning! God has truly gifted you, my friend… She paints… She writes… She worships… 💗

  3. I so love your paintings. You have the gift of doing. Believing. And have manifested your gift of believing to create works of art that give so much beauty. And in your gift of creating you give to your daughter and her dream of loving and growing a village of happiness that grows more happiness. ❤️

  4. Very impressed with your talents…writing and art. You express yourself so well in both. You have a true gift. So glad I had the opportunity to get to know you and learn about the gifts you bestow on others. Blessings!

  5. The blog very nicely fits your artwork Julie. It’s nice to get a better glimpse into how your environmental inspirations translate into your work.

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