Fall Inspiration and News

October 2017

“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.” ~Terri Guillemets

Fall in Ohio is here and I’m enjoying the skies and waiting for the full colors of autumn. This morning I took a morning walk and caught the sunrise and its reflection in my neighbor’s pond.

I’m inspired, aren’t you?       “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” ~Pablo Picasso

What’s new in my world?  My year plus of treatments and appointments is over for breast cancer! I’m feeling strong and have energy and an abundance of curly dark hair which is a switch for me. I’m still eating clean and exercising and working on art again-although I never really stopped, I did slow down quite a bit.

Exciting news! I’m a guest artist at Gallery Plus in the West 78th Street Studios  (http://www.78thstreetstudios.com/) on the West Side of Cleveland. Come see me and my artwork on the Third Fridays of October (20th) and November (17th). There are many galleries open and so much to see! It’s an honor for me to have a guest wall of art!

Where else can you see my art?  I am in a “Cleveland Show” with several other artists at the Avon Lake Public Library through November 2nd. The address is 32649 Electric Blvd Avon Lake OH. Their website is http://alpl.org/ to check on the hours they are open. The library is amazing, the lake is nearby and there are many areas to stop and enjoy the view. Check out the show!

You can always view my art at Stella’s Art Gallery in the Match Works Building in Mentor Ohio. It’s a wonderful location to visit and there is a new restaurant in the same building. We have over 30 local artists with a variety of styles and many different mediums.  If you haven’t yet seen the spot of New Day Cleveland you can still view it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkChAlMOokI&feature=youtu.be

Keep Stella’s Art Gallery on your list of things to see in the Cleveland area.  http://www.stellasartgallery.com/  There are new events all the time and new artwork to see.

Also, Moonstruck CLE in Little Italy, Valley Art Center in Chagrin Falls, BAYarts in Bay Village and Gravel Pit in Fairport Harbor carry some of my work.

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~Neil Gaiman

I enjoyed experimenting with these two pieces!

I’ll leave you with this quote, every one of us can do some good, can be kind to another person, can help someone in need, can offer a smile to one who is discouraged.  Even small gestures can make a change. Try it, it might become contagious!

“I cannot do all the good the world needs but the world needs all the good I can do.” Jana Stanfield


14 thoughts on “Fall Inspiration and News”

  1. Enjoyed reading your thoughts! I have taken watercolor classes in Avon Library and really enjoyed the area. So happy all is going well for you! 😊

  2. Yay, Julie….LOVE 78th St Studios, and have it on my calendar to go on November 17th!!! I appreciate your positivity, both as expressed in your artwork and in your written words! This world can always use some love and light and encouragement and your are a reflection (as is your art) of the Light of the World! Blessings to you…..and may you continue to prosper in health and creativity!

  3. Thanks for the update, Julie! I’m still impressed with your artwork. We’ve been to the 78th Street Gallery, and will try to make it there to see your display! And congratulations on the positive results of your cancer therapy! That’s the really good news, isn’t it! God bless!

    1. Hope you and Kathy can make it out to one of the evenings the gallery is open. Yes, it’s great to get my port out and get on with things! No more appointments every three weeks and the slowdowns that caused. Hugs to Kathy!

  4. Julie, I continue to praise God for all that He has entrusted to you to experience, and how you have been faithful to showcase His goodness and grace through it all. I so enjoy your artwork, not only for its beauty but for how it is benefiting many others and His kingdom. I am hopeful I will one day get to see your work (and you :D) in person!
    Keep running the race dear sister!

    1. Thank you. It is exciting to be at Gallery Plus and W 78th St. Studios. The painting on the right is a poured type, the other is mostly fluid acrylics on a type of paper.

  5. So happy to hear you’re done with treatments and doing well!! Miss you! Come for some New Zealand inspiration. xxx I love the way you blog and your inspiring quotes. Those last two paintings are Master Pieces! Incredible!!

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