It’s Spring in Ohio

Spring is a wonderful time of the year…. beautiful flowers that emerge from the frozen ground, bright green grass and the brilliant green of new leaves popping out on the trees.

I’ve been painting often and have several new pieces of art that need to be finished. I also have uploaded several pictures of new paintings that are now available for purchase.

To get my name out and let people know who I am I have entered several juried art shows. Currently I have work in the Rabbit Run Fine Arts Association show and the Valley Art Center’s Abstract Art Show. To have a painting selected at the Valley Art Center was a big honor and although the show soon ends it encouraged me to keep at it. I have other juried art shows to enter and some paintings are currently being reviewed for a show. I would love to be accepted at this show!

For those of you who don’t know about why I paint……

One of the reasons that I sell my paintings is to help raise money for an organization that works with “at risk” children in a border town in Thailand. It is not in my nature to want to be “known” by many people or to show my work and market my art, but if doing so helps these children, I will do it. My daughter and son in law and others are part of this organization that brings hope to children that grow up in an environment that we would have a hard time imagining. But there is joy in their hearts and they are grateful and hungry to learn. I have heard that all of the children did very well in their book learning and had good test results!

Not only are they learning about the love of God for them, they are also learning English, Thai, Math and other basics that are not available to them. They are also learning skill such as sewing, carpentry, and new ways to garden and put nutrients back into the soil.

Here are some pictures of their gardens on the school property. They are learning new techniques to garden, to compost, to mulch and much more.

hstk garden hstk garden3 hstk garden 5 hstk garden 6 hstk garden 7

To learn more about Help Save the Kids go to

Until later,




A couple new paintings…

Ah… I have decided to put up a couple pictures of paintings that I’ve been working on but are not finished enough to put up on the website gallery.

So here they are….

Thai moutains sky with watermark conflicting moods 2 tri sunrise. with watermark


On another note, I have several different paintings hanging in the Coffee Phix coffee shop in South Euclid Ohio and also at a restaurant called Nevaeh Cuisine and Catering.  Check it out if you are in the area.


Several Works in Progress – New Paintings

pics in progress

more pics in progress

I’ve been busy painting these last couple weeks and although these are not posted up officially on the website, I thought I’d put them here in my blog as a sneak peak. I have a few “final” steps to do before they can go up for sale.

I will be at Agape Gallery for Good at 807Literary Ave (Tremont area of Cleveland, Ohio) this Friday night at 7pm, Feb 21st, 2014 to talk about Help Save the Kids and the difference they are making in the lives of “at risk” children on the Thailand/Burma border. I send a percentage of my profits from the sale of my art to this organization that my daughter works with. If you can come out-please do. I will have brochures to share if you are interested. Every weekend this month Agape has highlighted organizations that are helping end human trafficking.



Ohio Winter can have inspirational effect!

winter sky 1winter sky 2winter sky 3
Here is a sample of the skies I’ve been working on. I’ve been painting the other parts of these canvases and will post the finished work when they are done.

It’s been very cold and snowy in Ohio where I live. I’m a native NE “Ohio-an” so it doesn’t take me by surprise. One thing that is somewhat surprising to me though is how much I’ve been inspired by the snow and sky around me. I’ve noticed the beauty of the sky at various times of the day more and the beauty of the snow as well. The snow sits differently on the trees during different snow storms and makes unique patterns across the open fields or even dancing across the road in front of me as I drive my early trip to the YMCA. Mornings and evenings are especially beautiful-If you haven’t you are surely missing out. If you happen to capture a great picture, I’d love to see it. You can find my email on my contact page.

On another note I will be presenting a short talk on Friday February 21st at 7pm at Agape Gallery in Cleveland. (on Literary Ave in Tremont area) Come visit if you can!

From the Agape Gallery for Good website……..
February 21 (Friday) – At 7pm Artist Julie Cook will be sharing her passion for Help Save the Kids. Following Julie, at 8pm, Agape’s Executive Director: Stephen Rosenberger will lead an open discussion forum: “Why God lets bad things happen: a survey of human trafficking & slavery in the Bible.”

So many “Firsts”

January 31, 2014
Wow….! I’ve had so many “firsts” since I started Wall Expressions by Julie in October of 2012. And here is another first…A blog…And even bigger and better is a website! I would have never imagined that this would have been part of my life several years ago.
I will have to say preparing pictures of my paintings to be used on this website has been a learning experience and although I’d rather be painting than fixing my photos –I have enjoyed the process even when technology baffles me and intimidates me at times.
I recently finished a series of abstract paintings for the youth foyer at the church I attend and I have a painting in progress of a sunrise that I saw out my window the other day. Two or three other ideas are floating around in my head and I can’t wait until I have the time to work on these. I do believe that I pay much more attention to what I see with my eyes and how I feel when I see it now that I am painting on canvas. I so appreciate the beauty God put into this world we live in and I hope to capture a piece of it for others to enjoy as well.
I am hoping to share some of my work in progress on this blog in picture form as well as share updates on where you can see my art in person.
Because each painting or work I do helps support a ministry that I am deeply connected to, I will also be sharing how that funding is making a difference in the lives of children!
Stay tuned. And thank you for stopping by,