Artist Statement

It seems I need to be active and doing something either physically or creatively-using my hands most of the time. I’ve been painting walls and rooms etc for years, and I’ve also done many different faux techniques and murals. Painting on canvas, wood and other surfaces is another way to fill the creative outlet. I find that painting is also a way for me to share “me” with others because I am more introverted and it is hard for me to do this by words. Painting also gives me an outlet for emotions and lets me express my views of nature that surround me either where I live or where I’ve been or sometimes just where I’d like to be. But often I am just painting or expressing what is inside me that comes out when I paint and it often surprises me. I do not always know what I will paint when I start a canvas and many times it changes several times along the way.

I have been told that I have lots of energy…and I put energy and expression into my art… I am certainly not a “neat” painter when I work and my clothing and hands can testify to that. I enjoy personal challenges and experimenting with different products and techniques-using what I know from faux painting and putting it into a smaller scale. I use mostly acrylics but often add other products and mixed media into the work to make it a bit different. Many of my paintings are painted using more than a brush –and often without one. I use cardboard scraps, pieces of wood, plastic from packaging and more. I paint abstracts and landscapes and do some collage work too. Many of my abstracts have a more geometric theme going on and that is probably the result of doodling those types of designs since childhood. Doodling helped me focus while people were speaking but sometimes I would drift off into my creations. If I look through notebooks from the past there are doodles everywhere. It wasn’t until just recently that I’ve put that practice into and onto canvas.

I like to create art for others and hope they enjoy my experimentation. I have created walls and murals for others to enjoy- be it in homes, or in a children’s area for church. I create the paintings as a way to help others as a substantial portion of the profits from the sale of each painting go to help an organization that helps at risk children on the Thailand/Burma border that my daughter works with. ( This deep connection to my daughter and son-in-law and what they do is important to me because the physical distance between us is so long. By painting, I feel that I am not only making a difference in the children’s lives but hopefully a difference in the person’s life that has my work on their wall-hoping it brings them peace or joy or contentment or a smile. I have not always known my gifts that God gave to me, but at one point in my life I discovered this one and I intend to use it as best I can. In painting it gives me a purpose and fulfillment as I know it is changing lives a little at a time. My hope is that the art will make a difference. Painting has brought out a change in me, and changed my life as well.

© Wall Expressions by Julie, 2017